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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know that I can not resist stories about breast milk or substance abuse. That is why I had to highlight this article in the Washington Post.

PITTSBURGH –– A judge accused of being drunk on the job and dropping his pants in public has agreed to resign, his attorney said.

Allegheny County Judge H. Patrick McFalls, 59, faced more than three dozen charges filed by the state's Judicial Conduct Board.

"Because much of the attention in this case involves matters fit for late-night comedy shows, the substance of the charges has been obscured by the extensive publicity and ridicule," attorney Robert Lampl said Tuesday. "It has become apparent that, both for the health of our client and out of respect for the judiciary, that it is in Judge McFalls' best interest to retire."

He is accused of being so drunk and disorderly that he was asked to leave a restaurant on Feb. 14. He was also accused of exposing his buttocks in mid-afternoon on a city street March 30 and charged with driving under the influence the same day.

In December, he was placed on paid leave after he was sued by three former staff members who said they were fired after reporting McFalls' alleged drinking problem and saying he had been drunk on the job.

On Feb. 5, McFalls reported his $60,000 Mercedes Benz stolen, but police found he had given it to a parking lot attendant who admired the car.

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