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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Jonah Goldberg has written the shortest and best piece of his career, and it was written for the Times of London of all publications. You have to subscribe to see it on the British site, but NRO has helpfully reprinted it here. Give it a read; it will only take a few minutes.
I have finished the last of the major remodeling on our new house. Well, I have done all that I am going to do right now. I love my new house. It is looking great, but it has kicked my butt.

Here is the quick list of what we have done in the last three months.

Tear out old funky carpet.
Prime and paint every room, including ceilings.
Repair sprinkler system.
Scrape the nasty, moldy, glued down padding from the concrete slab in our bedroom.
Chisel away and inch of grout from around the baseboard area in our room.
Build a wooden subfloor that floats above the concrete slab in our room
Build two closets in our room. (It was formerly a den)
Lay laminate flooring in our room
Lay vinyl floor in laundry Room
Lay laminate flooring in Kitchen
Replace five light fixtures
Replace all electrical outlets

This is not to mention moving all of our stuff and living in the house while we did all of this. The first month that we were in our house, Miss J, Wylie, and I all slept on the floor of his room on three one person sized mattresses. The only furniture in the house was our TV and VCR, which sat on the floor. I have not taken a single day off of work to accomplish this. This would all be impressive if there were not so much left to do. But for now, the repair fund has run horrifyingly dry. It is time to move on the other, cheaper things.

And I think it is time to start paying a little more attention to the blog. When I first started this thing, I felt bad if I went a single day without posting new original content. This is not to mention all of the news links and such that I posted. Currently, there are so few posts that you can see September on the front page.

So I will make a new commitment. Hold me to it.

Concerning comments: I have decided that free comment hosting services are not worth messing with. They slow your site to a crawl and are down more than up. I welcome all comments and will gladly post them unedited. Just send them to me at If I miss them the first time, be patient with me and send again. I get about 200 spam messages a day in this account. Sometimes the baby goes out with the bathwater.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Could this:


Be the worst thing to happen to rock and roll since this: