It's all a matter of perspective.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Miles Simon Cash Greer was born on July 20th at 3:10 PM. So far, he is very mellow. It is still hard with the newborn and the odd hours and the trying to behave one’s self, but you should see this kid. He is pretty neat.

Last night he was up late and I laid him on his back in my bed and drug over the laptop. I surfed through the music folders and found Freddy Freeloader from Miles Davis’ modal masterpiece All Blues. Miles Greer listened very intently and seemed to enjoy it very much. Next I put on Johnny Cash moaning Trent Reznor’s dirge, Hurt. For this one Miles was almost paralyzed. He tightened his legs up a little and cocked his head. For the duration of the song he sat perfectly motionless, eyes wide, straining to take it all in.
We have not tried Paul Simon yet. Do you have any suggestions as to which song we should give him? I’m thinking Late in the Evening.