It's all a matter of perspective.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Dennis Miller's new CNBC show is starting soon. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reprinted a New York Times article about him and it.
"Did you see the Democratic debate the other night?" he asked. "To me, Dennis Kucinich's politics are more scrambled than Rod Steiger's dream journal. And Clark? He's a wizard in many ways, but when I hear him speak, it's almost like he's slumming. There's a mensch discrepancy there. At least John Edwards, who to me is a reasonably shallow guy, at least he can dog-paddle around in that park and not look out of place."

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

For Sale: 1/6 scale model of Christopher Walken's head.
Fark has a link to the Top Ten Drug War stories of 2003. This is number ten:
On May 16, New York City police tossed a stun grenade into the home of 57-year-old Alberta Spruill, city worker and church volunteer, who died from a heart attack during the mistaken drug raid. On May 23, NYC police accidentally raid the home of teacher Joe Celcis. Police smashed open the door, handcuffed several people, pointed a gun in the face of a 12-year old girl and ransacked the house for 90 minutes before realizing they had the wrong address. On Nov. 5, cops in a Charleston, SC, suburb burst into the mostly white Stratford High School at 6:45 a.m. with guns drawn and ordered mostly black students to get down on the floor while cops searched lockers and book bags for marijuana; students who didn't move fast enough were handcuffed. No drugs were found in the 45-minute raid. Seventeen of the students are suing the school district.
The article also notes that a Swiss Addiction Research Institute has released a study that claims tobacco is responsible for 71 percent of all drug related deaths in the world. All of this goes nicely with the news last week that an ad agency overcharged the government millions of dollars for producing anti-drug PSA's. To me, the most shocking part of that story was not that we were overcharged, but that the budget for the ads was $684 million. Who out there still believes that our Drug War is a wise use of resources? Who in Washington will stand up and lead a movement to put an end to this? Surely it will have the support of all but the most ignorant of constituents.