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Friday, May 09, 2008

Miss J went to go see her sweet Maw tonight, so Wylie, Miles and I had us a guy's night. We started off with some video games and cartoons, then we had a feast of mac and cheese with fried bacon. With an hour or so to kill until bed time, Wylie suggested we have a jam session. Miles replied, "Yeah, come on Daddoe, let's start a BAND!!"

So I got my acoustic guitar, Wylie choose my mandolin, and Miles brought a mystery bugle. Our rule was, when a song is done, pass your instrument to the right. Whoever felt like singing was the band leader.

Here is a recording of our grand finale. It was written by Miles and features him on mando and lead vocals, Wylie on mystery bugle, and The Dadoe on guitar and backup vocals. The title of the song is, Eat Spinach All Day. Be sure and notice Wylie's note of punctuation at the end.