It's all a matter of perspective.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I fell asleep last night while watching Band of Brothers on the History Channel. Therefore, I dreamed all night that I was involved in warfare. It was not WWII and I was not in Bastogne though. It was more like I was in an Eastern European Communist Block country and I was involved in an uprising that was being violently put down by the Soviet Military. There was a lot of guerilla sneaking about and ambushing. But the most memorable part of the dream came when the Soviet soldiers started machine-gunning a crowd of protesters. I heard a voice next to me say, “That is enough already!” I looked over and there stood John Kerry with his poofy hair and three-thousand dollar suit. He wheeled around a big black cannon and pulled out one of those big Q-tip looking torches that you see them using in the PBS reenactments of the Napoleonic Wars. Apparently this 19th century cannon was a semi-automatic, because the Senator put five shots in quick succession into the Soviets and blew up a couple of tanks. The soldiers retreated to oppress another day as the crowd cheered and lifted a triumphant John Kerry and me onto their shoulders.