It's all a matter of perspective.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Grammy® Notes

As I think of them and in no particular order:

  • Why did Blogger decide to upgrade servers during the Grammys®?
  • I think that Nelly has been the only performer to lip-synch so far, but I can not help but love that tune he does with the Destiny’s Child chick. When she sings, “even when I’m with my Boo.” I have no idea what it means, but it makes me want to be black.
  • Avril Lavignite sings just as poorly as Art Garfunkel
  • Speaking of Art Garfunkel, He looked so happy to be back onstage with Paul Simon, and Paul Simon looked so wholly bored.
  • I already thought that Eminem was kind of cool, but right now he is performing and there is a guy standing behind him with a straight-out-the-Jimmy Page double neck Gibson SG. Anybody would look cool standing next to that.
  • What was that Harvey Firestien crap?
  • If Miss J asks, I was not watching the Grammy®’s, I was doing homework and washing clothes. That’s why the house did not get cleaned. (She and Wylie are at her Mom’s tonight.)
  • Dude, I totally forgot how yummy screwdrivers are. Mmmmmm
  • Aretha Franklin looks like a cartoon character, but she still got more soul than all of Destiny’s Child put together.
  • I did not know that Etta James was still alive.
  • Norah Jones. What a babe. What a voice. What a talent. She deserves every award she gets. I hope that she is around for a long time and does not get chewed up by the music business.
  • I finally figured out what would make Avril Navaculite better . . . drug addiction and rehab.
  • Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock totally kick ass, in an Grand Funk Railroad sort of way. There can be no doubt.
  • Alicia Keys stomach appears to be bulletproof.
  • The Joe Strummer tribute might be the hardest rockin Grammy® moment of all time. Elvis Costello, The Boss, Dave Grohl, Lil’ Steven . . . Rock-and-freaking-roll.
  • If the Grammy®’s really wanted to do something memorable, they would give Belá Fleck a lifetime achievement award and give him twenty minutes to play whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted. Just my opinion.
  • Where was J-Lo? I really wanted to see her naked.
  • Mmmmm screwdriver.