It's all a matter of perspective.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christopher Hitchens destroys Mike Huckabee today in this piece on Speaking of Article VI of the constitution:

However, what Article VI does not do, and was never intended to do, is deny me the right to say, as loudly as I may choose, that I will on no account vote for a smirking hick like Mike Huckabee, who is an unusually stupid primate but who does not have the elementary intelligence to recognize the fact that this is what he is. My right to say and believe that is already guaranteed to me by the First Amendment. And the right of Huckabee to win the election and fill the White House with morons like himself is unaffected by my expression of an opinion.

Monday, December 17, 2007

NEA Says Teacher Pay Improving in Arkansas

The running joke in Arkansas whenever national rankings in education, wealth or other categories were released has always been "thank God for Mississippi." Arkansas often ranked at the bottom, one step above its Southern neighbor. But in the latest National Education Association rankings of teacher pay, Arkansas outranked all its regional neighbors and climbed four spots from 36th in 2004-05 to 32nd in 2005-06, the year used to compile the report on the 50 states and Washington D.C. The average Arkansas teacher salary was $42,768; the national average was $49,026.Alabama ranked 44th, Louisiana 45th, Mississippi 41st, Missouri 42nd, Oklahoma 48th, Tennessee 34th, and Texas 35th.

All of my life I have listened to Arkansans bitching about how underpaid our teachers are. Does this mean they will stop? An Arkansas teacher would have to move at least two states away to be paid more.
I work as a bar keep a couple of nights a week at a tiny neighborhood Italian restaurant. Last week one of the servers was at my bar inscribing "Merry Christmas" on the top of tickets that she was preparing to deliver to a table. Another server walked by, saw what she was writing, and became incredulous. "You can't write Merry Christmas! You might offend someone! What if they are Jewish? You have to write Happy Holidays." This even though the owner of the restaurant stands at the door greeting all guests with a hearty "Merry Christmas" this time of year. (And the waitress confessed that she had witnessed said table exchanging Christmas cards.)

I said to the two servers, "Let's do a little thought experiment, shall we? If you were to visit a kosher deli and the owner wished you a 'Happy Hanukkah' would you be offended, or even surprised?"

No, they confessed.

"And what kind of restaurant is this?" I asked.

"Italian," they answered.

"And where does the Pope live?"
For some reason, my sister and I have taken to texting each other random song lyrics throughout the day. The challenge is the make the other laugh out loud. My best message so far was this:

Dit dit duun, dow – ROW. Dit dit duun, dow – ROW, Dit dit duun, dow – ROW. Lit dit dit dit dit dit dun – TEQUILA!

And I held the lead for a long time, but Jenni went for the win the other day with this gem:

If dat duddy dida dun na na du wit dose METTY DABIS DYES.