It's all a matter of perspective.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Dave Shiflett writes on NRO about how people have historically feared the sun. He reports that it has been discovered that exposure to the sun can prevent many forms of cancer, but doubts this will change current attitudes about exposure.

A changed perspective won't come easy. Let us be frank: When was the last time anyone in a position of responsibility actually said something nice about the sun? Instead, it's always a warning or a complaint. One senses a fear that sun advocacy might lead to a class-action lawsuit; the shysters can't sue the sun itself, but in today's climate who would be surprised by a suit against suntan-oil companies, beach resorts, and perhaps George Hamilton IV and other prominent sun-worshippers?

Fear of the sun is also part of a larger habit of seeing danger everywhere: hamburgers, cigars, cocktails, salt, ice-cream cones, cellular telephones, coffee, power lines, electric blankets, hairdryers, internal combustion engines, water taps, supersized candy bars, strangers, uncles, priests, artificial sweeteners — don't get me started. Those who fear a Snickers Bar may have a hard time making peace with the sun.

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