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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I have been trying to get registered for school today. That is one of the most frustrating things you can do. Since I am on the fifteen year college plan and I have sampled a smorgasbord of majors, I have completed all of the liberal arts requirements and I have all of the electives that I need. That means that I only need to take classes for my major (tech writing) and minor (history.) Anything else would be extraneous.

Well of the fifteen or so classes that I still have left to take, I was able to find exactly two that were scheduled when I can take them and still have open seats. Every single course number that I punched in would come back as “CLOSED COURSE” Even the telecourses and on-line courses. How do you run out of seats in a telecourse?

The good news is that Wylie and I might be able to graduate together.

So while I had that (and a very busy day at the office) working against me today, there are good things going on. First of all, Mark and I are having a wicked discussion in the comments section below in which we compare members of the two most recent presidential administrations to the characters on Dallas. This is the kind of dialog we need in this country.

Secondly, I am leaving for Gulf Shores tomorrow and I ain’t coming back until Tuesday night. Let me tell you, Ms. J and I are nigh ready for some vacation! We have not been out of town together for more than one night since our honeymoon five and a half years ago. There will be much eating and sleeping and reading, three things that you don’t get to do so much with the boy around the house. This is the perfect vacation for us. We are going to the beach, but neither of us are beach people (as I have noted on this site before, I have a fat hairy belly.) That means we will not have any activity that we feel like we need to do. It’s just going to be sitting on the patio of the condo, facing the Gulf of Mexico, with a stack of Nero Wolfe books and a bottomless glass of the old bee-double-oh-zee-ee!

And then next month, the boys are finally coming back to Memphis!

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