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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

People Who Hate Their Jobs

Nick Green – Computer Tech: The thing that drives me crazy is the people that I work with. Let me tell you something, my job would be completely tolerable if only they would institute one office wide rule: NO TALKING! I mean that. No talking about personal issues. No talking about work issues. No talking about your stupid rugrats and how great they are doing in Jr. High basketball. If you have something that you need to communicate, we have telephones and email and memos. There is no reason to stand up above the cube line and say something out loud.

And would you like to know what part of this is the most annoying? It is when people make general announcements to the entire office. Things like, “That damn babysitter is going to run my phone bill up if she keeps calling me eighteen times a day!” Or perhaps, “Ya’ll, I spent six hours last night trying to change the oil in my wife’s car.” Why do I care? What business is it of mine? Just shut up and get back to your solitaire game so that I can get back to mine!

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