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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I suppose I will weigh in on the Steve Earl thing as my first political post.

Writing a song from the point of view of an unsavory character is a constant theme in Steve's work. I'm sure that is what is happening.

But I did read an interview with him where he said that his new album was going to be very political and, "There's a time to write chick songs, and then there's a time where there's too much else going on. This is one of those times."

That makes me nervous, because as much as I like his tunes, and as much as I have historically liked his lyrics, when it comes to politics he could not be more wrong. I can sympathize with him on the death penalty thing, but on pretty much every other issue he is as wrong as he could be. I do not want to hear a tune called "Ralph Nader's Prayer" or "V.I. Lennon Blues" about how multi-national corporations and globalization is going to be the downfall of man.

Whatever. It does not matter a hill of beans. Steve Earle eventually pisses everyone off, could be my turn. That does not make Carrie Brown or Copperhead Road kick any less ass!

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