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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

People Who Hate Their Jobs

JW Bond – Drywall Contractor: There are things about my job that I like. I’m not sitting down in some lousy office chair that has a thousand farts from strangers in it. I could never do an office job. Piped in air, piped in sunshine, talking on the damn phone all day. Give me the great outdoors.

That’s where we come across out first problem. I ain’t outdoors. Slaving away all day in these partially finished houses, you could fit the wife and I’s little homestead in the master bedroom of most of these places. I’m lifting these heavy-assed pieces of sheetrock, up to the wall, up over my head, in a nicer house than I will ever get to live in. I mean, my work pays the bills I guess, but it ain’t gonna pay these peoples bills.

The damn general contractor wants it done yesterday. It’s dirty in a half finished house. The lighting is not up yet, so we get to work by little clip on lights like an auto mechanic uses and whatever sunlight leaks through the open unfinished windows and doors. At least I do get plenty of fresh air.

Seventeen-year-old dropouts seem to be the only people that want to earn an honest dollar. I guess if I could pay them more than $8.00 to start out, I might draw a classier crowd. I just hate the way they don’t warn you when they decide to quit. When you have got a 5000 square foot house on a golf course with some wiry old rich lady on your ass to get it done yesterday, zitty chin will decide that it is appropriate to submit a resignation by not showing up for work. Also they drop the mud on the floor and don’t clean it up. I hate slipping in drywall mud.

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