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Friday, November 08, 2002

Symptoms that you have a blogging problem:

  1. You notice that your toddler goes number two every time that you are in a particular place and think, “Gee, I really need to write about this.”
  2. You consider a story about James Lileks’ daughter consistently crapping her pants in the same department store to be a heartbreaking work of staggering literary genius.
  3. You brag about your website to a co-worker or a college instructor or classmate, but are ashamed to tell them the URL because it is
  4. You feel it is an important personal responsibility to read every word of every single post in NRO’s The Corner.
  5. You think that people who post to Slashdot are hoplessly uncool, but people who post to Metafilter are hip!
  6. You consider the invention of Blogger to be Mankind’s crowning achievement, but would never spend the money to upgrade to Blogger Pro.
  7. You feel you have the right to throw a huge fit when your free site hosting service or free comment hosting service is down, but would never consider paying to upgrade to something more stable.
  8. You think that anything you find on the internet is public domain and take pride in stealing photos and code from other websites; because that shows that you have the html savvy to find the code and steal it.
  9. You consider an online “If I were a ____ I would be:” quiz to carry informed psychological authority.
  10. Tony Pierce links your blog in a prominent place on the busblog and you think to yourself, “Now I can die happy.
  11. Tony Pierce takes the link to your blog down after a month and your daily visitors go from 100 to 20 again. This makes you suicidal.
  12. You consider yourself a personal failure if you don’t put something new and original on your blog every single day, regardless of the personal circumstances that keep you from posting.
  13. You refresh your site every fifteen minutes to see if anyone has commented.
  14. You do not understand why all of your family and all of your friends don't read your blog every day, and you can't figure out why they don't each have a blog of their own.
  15. For a class project, you write Bloginstructions and instead of printing a hard copy for your instructor, you email her a link.
  16. You are a Libertarian

Please add your own experiences in the comments.

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