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Thursday, November 07, 2002

Monday night Wylie was sick and up most of the night and I have been kind of hacking with a sort of chest cold so I stayed home on Tuesday and we chilled. I forgot how wonderful it can be to take a large dose of Nyquil at 10:00 in the morning after not sleeping much at night and then take a four hour nap. I slept like someone was sitting on top of me. Wait, someone was sitting on top of me. It was the boy. Jumping actually. He seemed to be feeling much better.

I got my jazz paper back on Monday night. I made an A, even though I never did figure out if I should capitalize bebop or not. Also it was edited kind of shoddily. I’m sure that you noticed that. My instructor had mercy on me.

Work continued to stink. It stunk last week and it stinks this week. One of the joys of working for government is that when stuff is broken, no one gets in a hurry about fixing it. In a private company heads would have rolled and people would have been brought in to work in shifts 24 hours a day to make sure that everything was back on line as soon as possible. The state had a couple of dudes halfassing it for eight a day with plenty of smoke breaks and an hour and a half lunch trip. They even managed to come over to my desk to investigate the system wide problem and screw up my pc for me. Now I have to place a trouble ticket for myself (something I do forty a week for other people) and get my stuff rebuilt, because they think that is the only way to fix a PC problem.

The boy goes to Mother’s Day Out on Thursdays. They called me this morning and said that he was flipping out. They called me because Ms. J left her Cell phone in Fred’s in the village yesterday and has not been back for it. I had to shag ass over there and pick him up. He was glad to see me. He said, “Dadoe I don’t feel too dood. Need to go home and take a nap.” Maybe this is an extension of what was going on Monday night? So home we went, but the car seat was in Ms. J’s car so he got to ride in the front seat of Dadoe’s truck with a big boy seat belt. He was so out of it that he did not even notice, I don’t think. Finally located Ms. J. She is going to take him to the Dr. this afternoon.

Don’t know how I am going to pay for all of this time off. I am fresh out of sick leave. I have to meet with the dean to figure out where I stand towards graduation and meet with my advisor and then get registered for school and all by close of business tomorrow. Oh yeah, also I have class tonight.

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