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Monday, November 04, 2002

I have a sister-in-law who is a senior in high school. She is the embodiment of every image that conjures up. I love listening to her talk about high school gossip and like who is popular and like who was with who at the football game and like what they were like wearing and stuff. A few months back she started sending out an email news letter to her friends that was pure genious. She named it "umm..." Here is a sample from the September 1, 2002 edition:
In the last eddition of "umm.." (which was a special eddition, The Judea and Ashley Show) I mentioned how the AHS band had to work like horses in order to get ready for the marching season. Well one of my friends from Illinois, Jordan Pless (yep she is related to our very own Liz Pless) wrote me back telling me how her band had to work from 1:30-9 for three stright weeks, plus one week of 7 AM-9 PM, and another week of 9AM-9PM practice! Now that would be a battle of the bands i would want to check out.
Speeking of bands, check out Thrios in downtown Arkadelphia. They have the BEST cookies, not to mention a great atmosphere and yes even occasional LIVE BANDS! They are "umm..."'s hot spot of the month.

Ok so now we have a great hang out spot, what more could we add? Oh yeah! college students! Thats right, they are back with their hot cars, late nights, and big parties (like i know!).
As you can see from this sample, I had to talk her into starting a blog and sharing this sort of information with the world at large. Well, she finally did. There is nothing much there yet, but in time I expect it to be very entertaining. It is sure to become the definitive source for the latest in Arkadelphia High School Rumor and Hearsay! Keep an eye on JuJu Beans!

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