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Friday, October 04, 2002

If I could have one wish, it would be seven Fridays in a row, because that is the day that I spend with you. I love you blog, and I miss you. I have class on Monday through Thursday nights. I have work Monday through Friday. On class days I have to spend all of my free time at work trying to stay caught up on my homework for class. That is not fair, because it just takes away from you, sweet blog. Then I get off work and go to class and then come home and play with the boy and then put him to bed and then I need some time with my chair. I love you blog, but my chair is not nearly as understanding as you. That is the way it is with leather recliners, you have to give them at least an hour a day or they quit being your safe place.

Saturday and Sunday are reserved for my family, who sees me even less that you, dear blog. Poor Wylie is going to grow up with Big Bird for a Dadoe if I am not careful.

But Fridays, sweet Fridays, oh that is the day for you and me. I am at work, but it is slow because when people break their computers on a Friday they say to themselves, “eeehhh I’ll call and get it fixed on Monday.” So I am at work but have no homework and not too many people bothering me. That means that I can give you a little attention, my precious, lonely, patient, giving, blog.

Tell me what you want to hear. Perhaps and anecdote about the boy? Maybe a little politics? Perhaps you would like a parody or a short humor piece? Or maybe, this once, since I have so little to give you these days, we will spend some time talking about you.


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