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Thursday, October 03, 2002

I am a really big West Wing fan. As someone who hopes to make his living by writing some day, I am blown away by Aaron Sorkin and how consistantly good he is. (I was a big fan of Sports Night too.)

The season premiere last week was really something, but last night’s episode kind of stunk. President Bartlett’s post bombing speech about how more teachers in the class room and spending more money on public schools could have prevented the bombing . . . give me a break! That was stupid, let alone inspiring, which they made it out to be. Also CJ at the rock the vote thing was equally full of crap. I do not have any of the problems that most conservatives have with the show because it is normally so well written and even the left-wing policy is usually argued in an intelligent way. Last night it was not. CJ basically told the rock the vote crowd that the government was to thank for their birth, the air they breathe, and how cute puppies are. “Don’t think government is important to you? How many of you want a comfortable mattress to sleep on at night, huh?”

I’m not worried, though. Soon Aaron Sorkin will get a new bag of ‘shrooms and the prose will start flowing once again.

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