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Friday, September 20, 2002

My dreams are coming true, a culture of bloggers is springing up among my friends and each of them is talented and compelling. First of all, I expected John Barber to put up a good read every day, and he has not let me down. He is an expert on many topics and should hold forth in the future on parenting, movies, books, football, baseball, and most of all, music.

What I am really looking forward to are more posts from John's sweet wife, Janna. She has only published one so far, but it captured pretty accurately many of the PK memories from my childhood. I had forgotten how horrible church business meetings are.

But the crown jewel is this post from Capt. Flip Out, Mark Currey. You can ask Ms. J, I was crying like a little girl who had just had her dolly’s head snapped off after reading this. The part where he meets his Dad’s best friend . . . oohhh man . . . now that is a tear jerker . . . here I go again.

Besides the sad story, you also gotta give the Capt. credit for starting out his blog with an entry entitled:"My favorite Dead Guys (in no particular order)"

Also, I noticed that Janna and Currey picked the same template. What psychological information can we glean from that?

This leaves us only one question: Where are the blogs from Dan, Pastor Tim, My old man, Ms. J, Get with the program!

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