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Monday, September 16, 2002

I love Tony Pierce. I have made no secret of that. I have said on this blog several times that he is my favorite. Last Friday when I reorganized my links I decided to put the blog links at the top and of course I put him at the top of my list of favorite blogs. So I decided to send him a note and tell him. I said,
Hey Tony,
I have been trying to deny it, telling myself over and over that your's is not my favorite web site. Today I finally gave in and linked you right at the top of my list.
God Bless,

I have written Tony before and expressed my admiration, but he is a busy man. If you read his blog then you know that he has dozens of womens to keep up with. I did not expect a reply, I was just sharing the love. But after a couple of hours I see this in my inbox:

youre the man
have a great weekend!



Now that was really something special to me. For my money, a personal note from Mr. Pierce is like a phone call from the president. Then I click over to his site, just like I do six or eight times a day, to check and see if he has any new posts, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a big fat link to me! Right at the very top left of his site. I have not been that excited since I hit my first homerun in Little League. Finally I will have the chance to write for somebody besides my sweet Ms. J and my best friend Dan. Since he gets one thousand visitors a day, and I get about ten, this was an act of benevolence on his part. I really can not help but feel like it is a new beginning for this simple little blog.

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