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Thursday, August 22, 2002

The state of California proves again that they have no respect whatsoever for personal freedom. They are currently warning parents that they have to obtain professional teaching credentials in order to home school their children. This is totalitarian and certainly will spawn a mammoth outcry.

Without the proper credentials, parents no longer can file required paperwork that would authorize them to home school their children, states a memo issued by the state Department of Education. As a result, those children not attending public schools would be considered "truant" by local school districts.
"In California, 'home schooling' — a situation where non-credentialed parents teach their own children, exclusively, at home whether using correspondence courses or other types of courses — is not an authorized exemption from mandatory public school attendance," state Deputy Superintendent Joanne Mendoza wrote in the July 16 memo to all school employees.
"Furthermore, a parent's filing of the affidavit required of a private school does not transform that parent into a private school," the memo continued. "Therefore, those parents who home-school their children are operating outside the law, and there is no reason for them to file an affidavit."

This is obvious ploy by the state to take more freedom and money away from parents is further proof that it is long past time to break up the public school monopoly in this country.

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