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Friday, August 02, 2002

John Derbyshire's column today is horribly depressing, perhaps overly pessimistic, and an absolutely necessary read. The title is Unpleasant Truths: A conservative view of the world today. In it he points out that conservatives (or anybody if you take all that he says as truth) have no reason to be optimistic and every reason to be the opposite. He goes down the line, point by point, driving us toward suicide. His sub headings are :
Most of us will die in poverty.
Quality health care for all is not possible.
Pop culture is filth.
The environment is collapsing.
Science has stopped.
Not all groups are equally good at all things.
Affirmative action is absolutely essential to social order.
Socialism is popular.
Conservatism is dead.
Nothing will be done about immigration.
Only Anglo-Saxon countries can do democracy.
China will get stronger and richer, without moving one inch closer to constitutional government.
Taiwan will be re-united with the some combination of economic carrot and military stick.
Something inconceivably horrible will happen in the Middle East.
The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are saddled up and ready to ride.
The next version of MicroSoft Windows will be even buggier and more counterintuitive than the last.
Poverty and hardship build character; prosperity and security destroy it.
The U.S. constitution is incompatible with a war on terrorism.
Justice is dead. and finally -
We are living in a golden age.

He makes compelling arguments that all of these statements are truth. I don't know if I believe it is as bad as he says. I think that there is still time to do something and perhaps even people willing to try. We do have a conservative majority in the U.S. in land mass; I live deep in the heart of the "red states" and feel pretty confortable here. I'm sure the view is different out on Long Island.

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