It's all a matter of perspective.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

As Seen From My Dining Room

Fat man in a tank top,
With purple cut off shorts,
Fat man in a tank top,
And I hear his name is Schwartz.

Spilling out of his sleeves,
His arms are pasty, flat, and wide.
Keep your eyes up on his arms
So they won’t venture to his thighs.

A few stray hairs are all he has.
His head is thick and bald and round.
He’s a fat man in a tank top,
With feet like basset hounds.

The V-neck of his tank top
Provides us with some drama.
Giving glimpses of a spectacle:
Is that the backside of a llama?

Walking through his front yard,
The fat man pumps and sweats.
The armpits of his tank top
Now soaking stinking wet.

With grunting wheezing effort,
As if a Herculean feat,
Finally the fat man
Gets his trashcan to the street.

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