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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Anthologists is a local Little Rock record label that puts out a CD a year of local artists. This year they decided to do a Christmas album and asked The Mark Currey Band to do a song. NOTE: DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE. I will have copies of the album to sell in a week or so. If you buy it from them, our band does not make any money. If you buy it from us, we are going to soak you for a cool $15. I have heard all of the tunes on the album and it is excellent. Lots of folky stuff, some Jazz. The Amy Garland Band is awesome, the best local group I have heard. We are by far the loudest thing on the album.

If you click on The Artists and then scroll down the page there is a bio. If you then click on The Mark Currey Band you will see a giant picture of us. Let me tell you, we are fat.

If you want a copy of the CD, just shoot me an email and we will work it out

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