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Friday, November 01, 2002

I skipped class last night to take the boy out. In my previous life as a college student, I was the king of class skipping. As a matter of fact, once I never went back to a particular class after Halloween and the instructor still gave me a D. These days when skipping, even if I have a good reason, remorse will hit me. It is like post-premarital sex remorse. It is like the remorse you have after eating Taco Bell. I shouldn’t have done that, but it felt so good that I know I will do it again. I guess that it is because the tuition bills come to my house now. Last night in the car when I was feeling particularly regretful and thinking about all of the knowledge that I was missing out on I heard Wylie mutter from the back seat, “Dadoe has to go to class.” And Ms. J said, “No, Wylie. Dadoe took the night off from class so he could be with us.” Wylie let out the loudest longest, “YEA!” and started clapping. The remorse melted away.

Wylie was a race car mechanic for Halloween. We dressed him up in red, oil-stained corduroy coveralls with mechanic patches all over them and steel-toed boots and a floppy red baseball cap from an ancient ford dealership and we took him around to see friends and relatives and score candy. When we would get to a house, he would walk up to the door and bang on it and yell “TRICKERTREAT!” at the top of his lungs. When we were riding in the car to the next house he kept saying, “More chokate peese?” and we would give it to him because it was Halloween. When we got home at about 9:30 last night, Ms. J was carrying him in and he said, “I don’t feel dood, momma.” His first Halloween candy related tummy ache. He woke up often last night. I did not get any sleep.

There is another reason why I am not getting any sleep. The last few days at work have been so dreadful, so stressful, so dehumanizing, that I can not make myself go to bed at night. Just thinking about what I know I am going to have to go through the next day has literally put me in tears two nights in a row. If this were not Friday, I would be very concerned for my mental health. Hopefully a few days off and playing guitar Sunday morning will rejuvenate me. They better have stuff fixed by Monday. I can not deal with this anymore. I would give you more detail, but I don’t think I could stand to retell it.

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