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Friday, August 09, 2002

I have always loved liquor store people. I love the people who run them, the people who own them (usually the same) and the people you run into inside of them. Liquor stores are one of the last strongholds of old school customer service. They learn your name and remember what you like.

It was very disapointing to me to see that Pop-A-Top's (my usual supplier) regular add in the Dem/Gaz this week included a stance against the proposed ballot initiative that would abolish sales tax on food. Here is a good article that first alerted me to the movement.

Pop-A-Top's argument in the advertisement was that the lost revenues will just be made up with increased taxes on other items. While it did not state it in the ad, their obvious, and well founded concern is that the increased taxes would be on cigarettes and booze. This is defeatist and misses the point. Our role should be to get rid of the taxes, then force government to cut to make up for the revenue loss. Go to the state web site and look at the list of Arkansas agencies, departments, boards, comitties, councils, and b'crats. We could cut out enough to make up for the lost revenues from food taxes without even missing what we cut!

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