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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Today I stumbled upon each of the following items over a period of about an hour:

1) Wristwatch - Missing three weeks.
2) Two CDs - Missing two weeks.
3) Sunglasses – Missing four days.

I have decided to take this as an encouraging sign from God. Things are looking up.

I am at my parent’s house for two days. I feel pretty certain that I have brought along everything that will be necessary to make that comfortable. It is 11:40 Tuesday night and I have just arrived. I am working in Nashville, Arkansas, tomorrow and then Murfreesboro Wednesday. I have decided to crash here rather than drive all of the way back to Little Rock. Some of y’all might not know this, but I am from the country. Even by Arkansas standards. I drive a truck. I don’t tuck in my shirt. To buy groceries, we had to go into town. My folks are still there.

So here I sit at Momma and Pop’s and it is night and I am sitting up in the bed typing away on my laptop. Also I have a cold. As a matter of fact, I feel generally shitty. Now that I think about it, perhaps I should be in bed.

I configured my laptop for SBC dialup today. That will make it a little more effective to travel with. The only problem here in the back woods is that there is no SBC number in the area. I am going to have to dial long distance to connect. For that reason, online activity will be spotty for a little while. (I ain’t using a credit card, so connectivity will be on momma and pop’s nickel.) Actually I should say that online leisure activity. I am converting two office networks from Token Ring to Ethernet this week. They had better come back online pretty soon after I get there or it is going to be a long couple of days.

Day 2 10:12 PM

Having a cold makes me feel very sleepy and generally lousy in the late afternoon, more so if I do not sleep well the night before. Today I resolved that by crawling up on the pillow top mattress at my parent’s house and having myself a three-hour tour. Yesterday I was at home and home has no time for naps. Starbucks was my only hope. So I ordered who shots of espresso in a large cup (I think the sizes at Starbucks are Benini, Da Vanci, and Mussolini) and had them fill the cup the rest of the way with the house blend. As you can likely tell from last evening’s entry, I had some trouble sleeping. Finally I turned out the light at about 1:00, after reading the newest National Review cover to cover. By 1:30 it was raining like pouring piss out of a boot. Hail, thunder, brimstone, cats, dogs – no sleep was to be had.

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