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Monday, May 05, 2003

If you have not seen Pootie Tang yet, you really have to. Pootie reminds me of a young Fatnathan. Roaming the streets of the big city back in the rough-and-tumble early ‘90s. Searching out the forces of corporate greed and whooping their asses with my big black belt my daddy gave to me.

I watched the season finale of Alias last night. I love that show because it is the logical extension of the greatest and most ridiculous television show of all time (and my personal favorite), Dallas. Remember the time that the Dallas writers painted themselves into a corner and had to “reveal” on the finale that the entire season had been poor sweet Pammy Ewing’s dream? Well the Alias writers got themselves out of a storyline jam last night in similarly cheap fashion. At the end of the season’s final episode they set up the next season by having the main character wake up in the middle of the street in Hong Kong, phone home, and discover that we have flashed forward two years, she has been missing, and has no recollection of anything that had happened. Amazingly, neither she nor her (now married) boyfriend had aged a day.

Now I hear that Aaron Sorkin is leaving The West Wing. Sure he is a lefty, but he is a badass writer, and the show is going to suffer because of it. I doubt NBC will cancel it anytime soon. I saw the other day that E.R. is still on. Who knew? I am sure that no one has watched ER on purpose in six or seven years.

I just found out that I am going to Alaska this summer. Juneau is Miss J’s hometown. She has not been back since she came to Arkansas for college ten years ago. She has been invited back to participate in her best friend from High School’s wedding. We had pretty much given up any hope that I would be able to go with her when God dropped the money for my plane tickets right in our laps. I have never visited a state that does not touch Arkansas. The only time I have ever flown was from Little Rock to New Orleans for our honeymoon. This is going to be quite an adventure for me. I hope to take my laptop and tell you all about it.

But for now it is just another week at the old grind.

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