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Thursday, February 20, 2003

I am having a hard time with school this semester.

I’ve got this class - history seminar on War in Europe from the middle ages until the modern era. That probably sounds boring to you. You would be correct. There are seven textbooks assigned for this class, and none of them are readable. Now I am a reading guy. I read tens of thousands of words a day. These books are somebody’s dissertation and they meant to be read by other nerdy history jerks working on their dissertation. It is wordy, circular crap that is indecipherable. We have, no exaggeration, 250-300 pages of this nonsense to read every week for class discussion.

The instructor is the worst I have ever had. I went to Bismarck High School in Bismarck, Arkansas. We had considerably less than 250 students. The football coach was also the history teacher. The art/ health teacher once told our class that if you used a condom it was one hundred percent guaranteed that you would not get pregnant or catch any diseases. These people had the teaching ability of Socrates compared to the stumbling, rambling, ranting, unintelligible sack of professor that teaches the History Seminar on War in Europe.

She is the kind of teacher that will ramble with no point for twenty minutes while ignoring people with their hands up and then throw a fit because there has not been enough discussion. To try and incite discussion, she will ask questions like, “Mr. Greer, what did you think about the readings for this week.”

Now if that does not stimulate you to conversation, then nothing will.

She asked that exact question of a lady one night. She stuttered through a response for a minute when the instructor said, “That’s pretty vague. Can you be more specific?”

The question was vague.

Tonight she spent twenty minutes with her back turned to the class, franticly flipping through a book and muttering about knights and cavalrymen and feudal armies. The guy next to me leaned over and said, “If you want to make a comment, you are going to need a flair gun.”

Because it is a seminar class, the biggest part of our grade is going to be a research paper. Tonight we had a short prospectus due. She accepted not a single one. Apparently none of us understood what this paper was supposed to be about. Whose fault do you suppose that was? Ours of course. I didn’t even turn mine in. I heard her mention to this guy that wanted to write about airplanes and their effect on warfare that WWI was the most recent war we were allowed to cover. I wanted to write about WWII. I went back and looked through everything that she has given us this semester. There was nothing about a time frame.

I want to drop this class so bad. I am not sure that I can last. If I did last, I am not sure that I could pass. The problem is, if I drop it that will put me at only six hours this semester. If I only take six hours a semester, then I will graduate in the spring of 2007.

I am having a hard time with school right now.

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